What do you THINX?

Thinx-period-underwear-ads_grapefruit.jpgToo Taboo? Female unmentionables are usually kept under-wraps but if you are a New York City commuter, it would’ve been hard to avoid the in-your-face ad campaign infiltrated throughout the mass transit system brought to you by THINX “period-proof” underwear. Visuals that were suggestive portrayals of a woman’s period and their vadge were originally deemed offensive and inappropriate. What’s the hoopla?!? Stop being so sensitive, you’re an adult! If you are with a child and they are wondering what a period is, this would be a good time to educate your little inquisitive one on menstruation. After all periods are real and it happens. This is controversial and brilliant. Not to mention, each purchase of THINX underwear will send funds to their partner organization, AFRIpad located in Uganda. #THINX #period #underwear #powerofpurchase #NYC #trendibitch #randomrants #trends #loveit #loatheit #bitchaboutit #trending #madeyougoogle PC: THINX



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